Maui shows are simply phenomenal!

Maui shows will transport you to another time, another place, and even another dimension—where the laws of gravity no longer apply! We offer three unique and thrilling stage performances, and you may just have to experience them all!

Burn’n Love takes you back to the exceptional days of Elvis, and Darren Lee—the longest running Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas—is the velvet-voiced, magnetic lead! This musical story follows Elvis throughout his time in the islands and includes his 1973 concert “Aloha From Hawaii!” You will sing along with (and likely dance in your seat along with) such classics as “Little Sister,” “All Shook Up,” and “Viva Las Vegas!” Darren and the cast’s singing and dancing are spectacular, and people who have seen this show are absolutely crazy about it!

Ulalena tells the story of Maui with beautifully woven legend, history, song, and dance. This most culturally comprehensive of the Maui shows brings you on a dynamic journey.  You begin at the time before the island had a people, and you are guided through the moments that have shaped her through today. This incomparable performance will move your spirit, touch your heart, and enchant your senses. You are sure to leave the theater with a new appreciation for the life and beauty outside.

Kupanaha is an extremely fun, hilarious, and surprising magic show that is wonderful for all ages! Jody Baran and his lovely assistant (and wife) Kathleen grace the stage, creating an incredible parade of illusions, including classics like sawing a person in half. Jody has plenty of original magic up his sleeve, too; things you’ve never seen before and you’re not likely to see again! Also included is a delectable four course dinner, magic performed tableside, hula dancing, and an outline of the history of magicians in Hawaii. Although all of the Maui shows are great for kids, Kupanaha is the only one that personally invites children to take part.

Please enjoy more details about our Maui shows below, and let us know if we can help with any questions!

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Ulalena performers on stage in Maui


4.00 out of 5

Brilliant theatrics, rich costumes, lighting and stage design bring the Hawaiian legend and history to life. An awesome journey through the history of Maui.

$58.95$69.99Savings Per Couple $22

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Th Maui Elvis Show featuring Darren Lee

Burn’n Love – The one and only Maui Elvis Show

4.56 out of 5

Don’t miss the action packed perfomance of Darren Lee and his cast in Burn’n love at the Maui Theatre in Lahaina. Sing along, its a great time!

$56.00$59.95Savings Per Couple $8

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