Hawaiian Ocean Rafting – Full Day Circle Lanai Snorkeling Adventure

A fast raft to the island of Lana’i for a day you’ll always remember. Learn to snorkel as you search for turtles, dolphins and whales on this rafting adventure. This is a great way to visit hidden coves and beaches.

No online bookings within 48hrs of activity date.
If you would like to book within 48hrs, please call (808) 856-4274.

Hawaiian Ocean Rafting, Full Day Lanai Snorkeling Adventure

Gazing across the channel from Maui to the island of Lanai, one can’t help but wonder what IS over there? The truth is that the most intriguing part of the island these days is not necessarily on land, but the water that surrounds it. Protected by Molokai the north and Kaho’olawe to the south, the nine mile channel between the two islands quite literally translates to “take a bath,” referring to the calm, gentle waters. What better place to snorkel? What better way to spend your day than snorkeling Lanai with Hawaiian Ocean Rafting?

Climb aboard the Hawaiian Ocean Rafting vessel, a 30 foot, hard bottom inflatable raft departing from Lahaina Harbor at 7:00 am, and take advantage of the ideal early morning ocean conditions.

Hang on to your hat as your boat glides across the channel at an exhilarating high speed, leaving the beaten path behind. Get ready for the most memorable day of your vacation with Hawaiian Ocean Rafting. One of the highlights of a Lanai snorkeling adventure is the anticipation of the wild spinner dolphins. Two major pods of these majestic creatures live just offshore of Lanai and are extremely friendly, often approaching the boats to surf the bow and wake. Should you get lucky, you will also catch a glimpse of the bottlenose or spotted dolphins that also frequent the area. December through May also hosts the highest density of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters. Watch in awe as the moms, calves and escorts show off with pec and tail slaps, breaching, and fluke dives.

Heading north around Lanai slingshots your vessel around a shipwreck and the back side of the island reveals her magnificent sea cliffs and caves beneath. Another advantage to an ocean rafting adventure are the options! With the coastline of a full island to explore, and an expert waterman at the helm you are guaranteed to find the best visibility, most abundant sea life, and unique snorkeling destinations available in a timely manner. Lanai snorkeling not only showcases teeming fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles, but also unique pinnacle rock formations from ancient lava flows. Other popular destinations include Three Sisters, Shark Fin and Club Lanai with new mooring sites being discovered regularly. Don’t waste time. Book your full day snorkeling trip with Hawaiian Ocean Rafting today. The turtles are waiting!

Continental breakfast will be served upon departure, and you will enjoy snacks throughout the day, as well as a full deli lunch!
The crew provides all your snorkel gear and expert instruction on board, should you need it.
Enjoy comfortable seating for up to 16 passengers.
Optical masks, boogie boards, waist belts, and underwater cameras are available.

No riders under 4 years of age. Not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly or people with back or neck problems.
Wear your swimsuit. Bring along your sunscreen, towel, hat, sunglasses, and a light cover-up.

Check in at 6:30am. Departs at 7:00am and returns between 2:30-3:00pm.
Location: Slip #8, LAHAINA HARBOR 675 Wharf Street Lahaina, Hawaii 96761


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