Lahaina Parasailing with West Maui Parasail

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Imagine soaring high above the Pacific Ocean in a specially designed parachute while being towed behind a high-tech speed boat.  That's what parasailing is all about!

Due to high demand and limited capacity,
please call (808) 856-4274, and we will personally assist you.


Lahaina Parasailing is a lot of fun with West Maui Parasail!

Imagine that you are in the air, floating peacefully above the Maui coast–the waves of the Pacific are rippling far below you, the town of Lahaina has become a bustling ant farm, everything is quiet, and you are soaring so high, you can see the place where the horizon line becomes a curve! West Maui Parasail can make this incredible scene happen. As a matter of fact, they’ve produced over 200,000 flights on Maui since 1985. Lahaina parasailing is simultaneously enchanting and calming when you drift higher than you’ve ever dreamed while firmly attached to a 31’ speedboat!

Before the speedboat, however, you’ll take a fun water taxi and have a tour of Lahaina Harbor, and then transfer from one boat to the other a short ways offshore. You can parasail alone or with one or two other people. Which combination happens will depend on everyone’s weight and the wind and weather of the moment. Children 6 – 12 must fly with someone who is 18 or over. On this gorgeous, timeless float, you’ll spend 8 – 10 minutes taking in a bird’s eye view of the beautiful island of Maui, the turquoise waters, and all three amazing neighbor islands! Wow!

Here’s how the super fun Lahaina parasailing works! First the chute is inflated from the stern of the boat, and then you are strapped into your swing seat, which is attached below the chute. The boat uses a unique and specialized launch and recovery system, and depending on the rope length you choose, you will either go up about 38 stories or about 50 stories. (Is your heart beating faster, yet?)

The take-off and landing platform is at the back of the boat, so you don’t even have to get wet, but for many, that’s half the fun! If you want, your USCG licensed captain and the assisting crew can slow down to dip your toes into the Pacific for a moment or two! How awesome is that? (It’s actually extremely awesome. And no, no one’s ever been bitten by a shark while parasailing.)

While you are busy Lahaina parasailing, your crew will take 30 – 50 photos of you at take-off, your Pacific toe dip, up as high as you can go, and at landing. You can purchase them on an SD card to relive the happy memories when you’ve returned home.

May 16th through December 14th is the season for parasailing, and anyone 6 years old and up can parasail float. Parties of 6 or more will receive a reduced rate, and reservations are recommended. The Lahaina parasailing crew is usually booked at least 2 days in advance.

So get ready to fly, and we’ll see you soaring overhead!

Minimum weight 125 to fly alone, maximum weight 350 for single or tandem.
Not recommended for ages 5 and under, pregnant women or those with back or neck problems.

Location: Lahaina Harbor, Slip #15
675 Wharf Street Lahaina, Hawaii 96761
Check in: 30 min prior to departure