Lanai Ferry by Expeditions

Meet at Lahaina Harbor at 5 different, convenient times a day. Then arrive at Manele Harbor on Lanai. Reservations are a must. Departs Lanai 5 times a day as well.

Due to high demand and limited capacity,
please call (808) 856-4274, and we will personally assist you.


Expeditions Lanai Ferry

Please call us at 808-856-4274 to book your trip. Online booking not available.

Need a ride to Lanai? No problem! Expeditions Lanai Ferry has got you covered. This comfy motorized catamaran moves between Lahaina on Maui and Manele on Lanai several times daily. Spend the day or a week on Lanai! Golf the Manele course, hike secluded areas, snorkel dazzling reefs, and lounge on pristine beaches.

Before you board the Lanai Ferry, make sure you take time to check out Lahaina Harbor. This is a bustling center at the edge of the water. The harbor is full of many different kinds of boats and many different kinds of people. There are also several historic sites, right there at the harbor! Discover what is left of King Kamehameha’s command post, look for the replica of the coral block fort, and visit the oldest lighthouse in the Pacific! On Lanai, Manele Harbor is a much quieter place to visit.

It takes only an hour to cross the channel between the islands, and it is a lovely ride. There are amazing animals living in the Auau Channel. Keep your eyes open for flying fish, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, sea turtles, and the rare Hawaiian monk seal. When the humpback whales are here from Alaska, they will be a big part of your excursion on the Lanai Ferry. No matter what time of day you travel, you are sure to see some whales in the water from December through April.

The coral reefs in Lanai’s waters are gorgeous, and the lava landforms are truly remarkable. Explore the tide pools on land, and snorkel Manele Bay for a unique immersive experience. If you get up early and watch from the beach, you may see the spinner dolphins return after a long night of fishing!

You will have a wonderful time visiting one of Maui’s closest neighbors on the Lanai Ferry!

Departs Lahaina Harbor: 6:45am, 915a, 12:45pm, 3:15pm, 5:45pm.
Departs Manele Harbor 8:00am, 10:30am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:45pm.

Check In 15 Min Prior To departure.
Departs from Main Loading Pier At Lahaina Harbor.