Maui Snorkeling Lani Kai – Afternoon Coral Gardens Snorkel Trip

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This all-inclusive snorkeling and SNUBA tour is 3 hours and travels to Coral Gardens. All meals, drinks (including beer and MaiTai’s), equipment and activities are included in every trip. Kids Under 4 are ALWAYS FREE. Whale watching also included during whale season.

No online bookings within 48hrs of activity date.
If you would like to book within 48hrs, please call (808) 856-4274.

Maui Snorkeling Lani Kai Maui Afternoon Molokini or Coral Gardens
Snorkel Trip

All Maui Snorkeling tours feature complimentary meals, beverages
(including Beer and Mai Tai’s), snorkeling equipment, water slide and
activities. Kids Under 4 are Free and Senior and Students rates apply.
An afternoon snorkel trip to Coral Gardens with Maui Snorkeling is refreshing, dazzling, and super
fun! The 53-foot catamaran is large, comfy, and stable, and it has restrooms on board, fresh water
showers, sunbather trampolines, and a water slide. Departing from Maalaea Harbor in the
afternoon, this three hour tour is perfect for the adventurer who would like to sleep in!
You’ll have an incredible time on the Lani Kai exploring all that Coral Gardens has to offer. The coral
reef and the fish living within it are the “hard to believe” type of beautiful; the vibrant habitat is
constantly in motion with incredible colors and sounds. All kinds of butterflyfish flaunt their colored
stripes and patterns, the lavender outer edges of the brown surgeonfish shine brightly in the sun,
and wrasses zip by, flashing their dotted lines and multicolored scales. When it comes to sounds,
listen for these: the domino damselfish defends its patch of reef with a kind of creaking noise,
parrotfish rasp on coral with their strong beaks, and hidden snapping shrimp click their one
oversized claw to make bubbles that burst with a snap. During whale season, however (December-
April), you won’t be able to hear much of the reef music described above, because all those sounds
are overarched by the haunting highs and lows of humpback whale song! (No one knows why the
male whales sing, but the research up to 2015 found that sometimes the song will bring another
male over, but never a female.)
Even if you don’t know how to swim, the Lani Kai Maui crew can teach you how to snorkel. They’ll
provide all the gear and instruction you could possibly need, including masks with prescription
lenses and extra flotation devices (even boogie boards!). If you’d like to try a new way of being in the
water, you can upgrade to SNUBA and breathe from a tank floating on a raft above you.
With SNUBA, you can stay down longer and swim deeper than when snorkeling. Also included on
your trip are a scrumptious deli-style lunch, juices, sodas, and water. Beer and mai tais are offered
to guests 21 and up once you’re finished exploring the reef.

Go ahead and treat yourself and your family to this excellent offshore excursion with Maui
Snorkeling! Coral Gardens awaits!

Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Check in 12:30pm at Maalaea Harbor, slip #76.
Location: Maalaea Harbor
395 Maalaea Rd., Maalaea HI 97653

1 review for Maui Snorkeling Lani Kai – Afternoon Coral Gardens Snorkel Trip

  1. 2 out of 5


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