Olowalu Kayak Tour – Maui Kayaks

Conveniently located in between Kihei and Lahaina, this tour is easy to get to and fun to go on. Beautiful views, abundant sea life, and excellent tour guides make this Kayak experience one to remember.

Due to high demand and limited capacity,
please call (808) 856-4274, and we will personally assist you.


Awesome Olowalu Kayak Tour by Maui Kayaks. Snorkel with Turtles

The calm early morning waters lap along the golden coastline as you check in for your Olowalu kayak tour. Just a few miles south of Lahaina town on Maui’s picturesque Westside, adventure awaits. The trade winds have not yet picked up for the day, leaving the water smooth and glassy without a whitecap in sight. As you join a few other voyagers on the sand, your enthusiastic and expert guides greet you with a briefing for safety and kayaking techniques. They get you outfitted with your kayak equipment, dry bag, snorkel gear and discuss the agenda for the next three hours of your morning. Feel free to ask for help or pointers; they are patient teachers that are comfortable with beginners and pros alike.

Launch your kayak from the sandy shoreline into the gentle and shallow seas of the Pacific. Admire the pristine Maui coastline as your small group paddles to its first snorkel destination of Coral Gardens, located within the Olowalu Marine Sanctuary. Coral Gardens is home to one of Maui’s most protected reef systems teeming with life. The local inhabitants include small octopus, manta and eagle rays and countless species of fish. Olowalu is also home to another one of nature’s gifts, the turtle cleaning station. In the morning hours the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles, or Honu, come together in groups to have the algae cleaned from their shells and fins. Tiny cleaner wrasse along with angelfish, damselfish and tangs nibble at the Honu while they hover over the coral heads. In this symbiotic relationship, everyone wins! The Honu swim away with a shell free from algae and debris, the fish are content with full bellies and you get to witness a group of sea turtles enjoying their timeless morning ritual. In season from December through May, your Olowalu kayak tour might even encounter the incredible humpback whales that come to enjoy Maui’s calm, warm waters- just like you!

After your first snorkel stop, climb back into your boat for some more paddling and soak in the view while you warm up. The sun has peeked over the tops of the West Maui Mountains by now and illuminates the valley below. Listen as your guide shares stories of the ancient Hawaiians that once called Ukumehame their home. As the morning ventures on, your personalized kayak tour may decide to paddle more, snorkel more or rest and talk story. In any case, this incredible tour is sure to be one of the highlights of your Hawaiian vacation.

All guests must be at least 7 years old and 450lbs combined total weight allowed for tandem kayaks.
This tour includes all of your snorkeling and kayak gear, as well as snacks and refreshments.
Check in: 7:15am and 10:45am (min 4 pax for the 10:45) – Tour is approximately 3 hours long.
Look for Maui Kayaks truck and kayak trailer alongside road between mile marker 14&15 on the west side (Olowalu).
For help call Maui Activities at 808-856-4274