Piiholo Ranch Zipline – Fly like a bird!

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Piiholo Ranch is a seven-generation local family cattle ranch offering horseback riding adventures and now Hawaii’s newest and longest zipline.

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Fly like a bird with Piiholo Ranch Zipline Company

Piiholo Ranch Zipline runs 4 and 5 line tours in Upcountry Maui.  This is your chance to combine “Tomb Raider” type adventure with gorgeous scenery seemingly straight out of “Jurassic World!”

Walk or bounce along swaying suspension bridges on these courses on the slopes of Haleakala. Climb wooden ramps onto high platforms while breathing in cool rainforest air. Get your harness secured to the rope by an excellent guide, sit back gently, nod to your companion on the second rope beside yours, and launch together from the platform to zoom down into the air! (The platforms from which you zip range in height from 42 feet to 600 feet.)

While zipping at Piiholo Ranch, you are suspended safely and securely, and you enjoy free range of motion. Depending on your level of flexibility and curiosity, you can take time to see the sky, look behind you upside down, and enjoy the 360 degree view below. You will see eucalyptus trees, ‘ohi’a lehua trees, and camphor; strawberry guava, kukui nut, and Chinese banyan.

You can yell if you like, and you are likely to hear others’ shrieks of delight as they zip along on other lines nearby. Depending on the tour you choose, you will get to race along either four or five different zip lines that extend across lush valleys high over caves, creeks, and waterfalls.

Piiholo Ranch Zipline guides are not only happy, professional, and well trained; they are super fun to be around and focused on your safety. Your patient guides will teach you how to zip quickly on the line and how to slow down, what to look for in each expansive view, and how to brake when you reach the other side.

Your helmet, harness, trolley, and their connections are thoroughly safety checked and secured each time you prepare to actually jump from a platform into the air to be somewhere and see something you have never experienced before!

You will finish zip line 3 at a wooden tower that harbors snacks, water, and soda for everyone. You will be take a break and eat while watching and listening to the birds in the area. Look for red-crested cardinals that were introduced to Hawaii from South America in the 1930s: the heads of both sexes are colored bright red, while the juveniles’ are rust-colored.

If you take the 5 line Piiholo Ranch tour, between the zips on lines 4 and 5, your group will be driven in an all terrain vehicle—the ride of which is really exciting in itself—to the top of Piiholo Hill. Once at the top and out of the truck, you will be able to see quite a bit of Maui including Paia, Kahului, Kula, and I’ao Valley. You can also see an endangered Hawaiian koa tree living at the top of Piiholo Hill that is estimated to be over 300 years old.

Your last zip line ride on the 5 line tour–over half a mile long!–will be the longest of your day. Time will seem to stretch out as you cruise above the Maui rainforest. Believe you me; this timeless, weightless feeling will last for quite a while afterwards, and the spectacular visual memories can last a lifetime.

Choose to experience the 4 or 5 Line Tour at Piiholo Ranch Zipline, and be whisked into a new perspective!

5-line Adventure (max. 10 guests per tour)
Our signature tour. All zips except #5 take off from 42-ft high towers. First zip is 4 guests side-by-side; all others are 2 guests side-by-side. Final zipline is 2,800 ft, the longest side-by-side zipline in the state. Includes light snacks and beverages. Finishes near the 317-ft suspension bridge. Approx. 3 hrs.

4-line Adventure (max. 12 guests per tour)
– All zips take off from 42-ft high towers. First zip is 4 guests side-by-side; all others are 2 guests side-by-side. Includes light snacks and beverages. Finishes back at parking lot. Approx. 2 hrs.

– To accompany any 4-line or 5-line tour. Don’t miss the fun! Take photos, enjoy the view. Walk is less than a . mile, over unpaved meadow and forest trails. Includes light snacks and beverages.

Ages 8 & up, 75lbs-250lbs.  Minimum weight for Tango Tower is 60lbs.  Moderate to advanced physical activity, no experience necessary, no expectant mothers and those with serious medical conditions, nor prior back or neck injuries.

Closed toed shoes required.
Bring a sweater or Jacket. It can get a bit chilly up there.
Duration is approximately 2- 2 1/2 hour tour time.
Check in 45 minutes before your scheduled time.
Location: Check-in: Zipline Outpost, 799 Piiholo Road, Makawao.

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    This was highlight of our visit to Maui,staff were really great and made our first zip line exexperience so wonderful. Hope to be able to visit Maui again soon and do all five lines. Cheers ……..Elwin and Norma

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