Welcome to the Maui aquarium. See fish, sharks, turtles and more!

This activity is a super fun one for everyone—the little ones on up—and it is an especially good choice for any rainy day on the island. Your kids will have a blast running around the reef tanks; waiting for a flatfish to swim off the bottom in its silly way; and playing in the marine mammal exhibit, discovering what a humpback whale song sounds like and how a dolphin’s coloration helps it avoid predators. There are all kinds of animals of all different sizes in the Maui aquarium.

There are small ones like seahorses, young sea turtles about the size of a dinner plate, and stingrays so huge they make you go, “Woah!” when they swim by. There is a cylindrical tank of sea jellies (formerly known as jellyfish), and a touch tide pool where you can find out what sea stars and sea cucumbers feel like! Totally cool!

The sharks living here are always a crowd-pleaser. If diving with sharks is on your bucket list, you’re in luck, because this is the only location on the island where you can dive with sharks on purpose. The Maui aquarium has created a habitat for hammerheads, sandbar sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and occasionally, a tiger shark. Whether you’d like to be in the water with them or just watch through the glass, these sleek, hydrodynamic, and graceful animals are sure to bring your excitement to the surface.

In addition to the incredible animals (many of which are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands), the Maui aquarium boasts a dazzling gift shop that carries all sorts of fantastic items. You can find books, T-shirts, hats, plush toys, plastic sea life models, bronze sculptures, framed marine photographs, fine jewelry, and snow globes, and that isn’t even half of what is offered.

Enjoy your day at the Maui aquarium, and click below for more information!

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