Best Views on Maui


This is not an easy subject to cover due to the immense range of subject matter available. Maui views are easy to come by and hard to beat so it comes down to perspective when choosing ‘the best of the best’. With activities to please just about every personality and natural landscapes that span 10 of the 14 or so (depending on who you ask) climate zones on earth, jaw dropping views are what make the ‘valley isle’ oh so special. To see Maui from every possible angle, you’ll need to experience our list of the best views on Maui.

Haleakala Crater

This location is an obvious choice when considering the best views on Maui and would likely be the most popular answer should one ask any resident or experienced visitor. The drive alone offers epic bi coastal imagery, and winds through gorgeous country landscapes before entering Haleakala National Park.

There is a small fee to enter and if you plan to visit for sunrise you’ll need to make a reservation. Better yet, join a Haleakala tour and leave the driving to a professional so you can really take in the full journey to the top (or catch up on your zzzz’s only to awake on the moon). Staring into the largest dormant volcano on earth offers other worldly views that are difficult to compare. A peak over the outside can put you above the clouds or provide views as far as the Big Island on clear days.

Remember your jacket, it’s been known to snow it gets so cold at the 10,000 foot peak.


Photo Credit: Engaged on Maui

Valley Views

Sometimes the best views on Maui come to those who work for it. The dramatic peaks and valleys that form the Hawaiian islands hold an air of mystery due to the abundance of inaccessible landscape that still exists.

Your best glimpse into lush valleys is going to come from ridge line hikes and helicopter tours (ok so you CAN get the view without breaking a sweat). Iao Valley is also a good option for a family friendly hike with beautiful valley views as well as handrails and interpretive signage.


Photo Credit: Engaged on Maui

Views from the Air

Back to that helicopter tour….because there really is no better way to find the best views on Maui in less time. Add the tallest sea cliffs in the world to your best views bucket list because Molokai has got them. Mountains, volcano, ocean and otherwise impossible to reach rainforest views are all achievable with an Air Maui helicopter tour.


Photo Credit: Engaged on Maui

Sea Views

Being on an island means that many of the best views on Maui are going to involve the sparkling expanse of ocean that surrounds it. From November to May, those waters also happen to be home to thousands of humpback whales and one of the best locations to easily spot these majestic creatures is the Pali lookout.

This is an easy spot to access from Honoapi’ilani Hwy, and a welcome break on the drive from central to West Maui. We recommend this view not only because it offers a unique perspective of the coastline but for your safety as breaching whales are well known to cause traffic jams along this stretch of roadway.



Under the Sea Views

Beneath the ocean surface lies an entirely different but equally impressive expanse of the best views on Maui. Crystal clear waters are home to an abundance of marine life that thrives in Hawaiian waters.

There are so many ways to witness the underwater world but for the purpose of sticking with our theme, the view from a Maui submarine tour is hard to beat. A truly unique experience comes from 100 feet below and offers pristine ocean views without even getting your hair wet.


Sunset Views

A topic that truly deserves a dedicated blog (stay tuned), let’s keep it simple and say you cannot go wrong catching the sunset from West Maui. Oceanfront or rooftop dining on Front Street with a happy hour Mai Tai in hand, you just may have died and gone to best view heaven.


There you have it, a good starting point to exploring the best views on Maui but far from a complete list and not even numbered as the very best is just about impossible to select. From your own view, there may be an entirely different perspective that beats out the rest. Or maybe it will change day by day as you discover yet another mind blowing view just around the next bend in the road.

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Mahalo Engaged on Maui for use of some of the gorgeous images used in this blog.