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Fly high on one of our Maui Zipline Tours! Zip in Kaanapali or on Haleakala.

Each of our fabulous Maui zipline tours has its own personality and style: we have mountain zips, forest zips, zips over water, ocean view zips, and even zips named after birds! And for those who are skipping the zipping, there is an option to hike the beautiful course trails, instead!

Zipping with North Shore Zipline in the hills of Haiku is just right for any active visitor, but if you’re into World War II history, you’re really going to love it! This course was built at the site of a 1940s Marine Corps base called “Camp Maui.” Zoom on seven lines up to 70 feet high at up to 40 miles per hour! Oh, yeah!

Whoosh through the cool Upcountry rainforest with Piiholo Ranch Zipline! Their four unique courses look like they grew straight from the slopes of Haleakala: two courses zip high in the trees and end up at a pirate tree house, and the others zip you over gulches and rivers! Learn about the Baldwin Family ranch and the area plants as you move from line to line, hiking gentle slopes and crossing totally cool suspension bridges. You’ll want to spend extra time checking out the views from the top of Piiholo Hill—a spot you won’t visit on other Maui zipline tours.

Skyline’s Haleakala course is extremely fun, and it’s the first zipline ever built in the states! During your 5 line experience, you’ll jump off a cliff, zip through a valley, and even zip up and back again on their extra fast pendulum line (unique among the Maui zipline tours)! Every line is named for an endangered Maui forest bird, and you’ll learn about them while you enjoy yourself in the mountain air.

On Maui Tropical Plantation in Central Maui, 5 exciting lines await, each sporting views of the West Maui Mountains, Haleakala Crater, and the brilliant coastline. Maui Zipline Company’s lines are all side-by-side, and the last one brings you across a tropical lagoon. Wow! If anyone in your party would rather not zip, they are welcome to wander the plantation grounds on their own—for free!

If you like your Maui zipline tours closer to the sea, Skyline’s Kaanapali Zipline was made for you! While you zip their 8 exciting lines high in the mountains to the west, you’ll be able to see Molokai, Kahoolawe, and Lanai surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Pacific. Each line in this course is named after a different ahupua’a—an ancient Hawaiian division of land based on the flow of water and stewardship through it. You’re sure to learn a bit about Hawaiian culture between your magnificent flights!

We want you to have more fun than you ever thought possible on our Maui zipline tours! Please click below for more information about each one, and let us know if we can answer any questions.


Maui Zipline Company - Maui Tropical Plantation Zipline Adventure

At Maui Zipline you will enjoy a thrilling adventure soaring over a beautiful tropical plantation. Zip over a lush landscape, swaying palms and savor the majestic views of the valley isle.

Skyline Eco Adventures Haleakala Zipline Adventure

Soar over the slopes of one of the world’s largest volcanoes. Start with a hike through Maui’s beautiful upcountry and then sail down the ziplines for a one of a kind, memorable adventure.

Kaanapali Zipline Adventure with Skyline Eco Adventures

Come with us on this half-day adventure, and learn about Maui’s rich history and biological diversity. Overlooking the Kingdom of Hawaii’s former Capitol, you will experience a perspective that takes you back in time.

Maui Zipline Canopy Tour by NorthShore

On this Maui zipline tour, you will soar high through the canopy of giant eucalyptus trees on 7 different ziplines, while overlooking Maui's verdant North Shore.
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Jungle Zipline 8 Line Zipline Adventure

Discover the thrill of adventure with Jungle Zipline!  8 exciting ziplines through the jungle of Maui's north shore!  This tour offers a perfect way for adventure seekers to experience nature and enjoy the island's breathtaking landscapes.