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Aloha, and e komo mai (hello and welcome) to Maui, and to our ohana (family) at Maui Activities!
On the following pages you will find a plethora of fun adventures that are offered at the best bang for your hard-earned vacation bucks. Our home page will briefly describe and then link you to each activity offered by exceptional value or staff favorite. We appreciate you taking time to explore our website, and we promise to make the planning of all your Maui Activities as enjoyable as all the adventures you will embark upon!

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Maui Activities are far reaching. They range from the skies above Maui’s famous and majestic Haleakala (house of the the sun) to the coral-dancing and tropical fish-teeming reefs off the shores of our Valley Isle, Maui’s nickname. From helicopters to submarines, and then on to the ocean’s surface with snorkel excursions, sailing, and romantic sunset cruises, you will find every Maui activity – from ATV’s to ziplines – here!

Our Maui Activities most prized gem is the top rated snorkel destination Molokini, aboard either the Calypso or Malolo out of Ma’alaea Harbor. Both of these snorkel excursions have top notch crew members offering excellent service, great equipment from boat to snorkel gear, and price points accommodate any budget. For a romantic sunset cruise, check out the Quicksilver Dinner Cruise featuring succulent prime rib or island fish and an array of yummies to fill the heartiest of appetites! On all of these excursions you will see 5 islands – Kaho’olawe, Molokini, Lanai, Molokai, and of course Maui from the ocean!

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We also welcome you to our ohana of friendly and knowledgeable Maui activities specialists.  Whether you choose to shop online, pick up the phone (808) 856-4274, or chat online, our specialists will assist you every step of the way and offer you the best value for your fun! You will find the latest deals and the most up-to-date information from our highly trained activity specialists. And once you’ve arrived on Maui, you’ll find our staff brimming with aloha and eager to assist you at any of our 9 convenient locations throughout the island.

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Most Popular Maui Activities. You’ve got to see these!

Turtle Town and Molokini Snorkeling aboard MaloloTurtle Town and Molokini Snorkeling aboard Malolo

If you’re ready for some early morning exploration on and underwater, the Malolo AM Snorkel Adventure is for you! This snorkel adventure by catamaran takes you to two beautiful sites: Molokini Crater and Turtle Town! Molokini is an incredible volcanic caldera that has filled with seawater over time and hosts a gorgeous coral reef with tons of colorful fish! The second site you’ll enjoy is called Turtle Town and it’s a place the sea turtles love. Not only will you get Molokini, Turtle Town, all snorkel gear and instruction provided, and a great crew, you’ll have breakfast and lunch, too! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Malolo Afternoon Snorkel Trip to Molokini or Coral GardensMalolo PM Snorkel Trip to Molokini or Coral Gardens

Visit one of two amazing snorkel sites: Molokini Crater or Coral Gardens. Both have extensive reef systems, are easy to snorkel, and host a ton of different colorful fish. Your captain will choose the best location for that day’s ocean. Swimming in Molokini Crater is one of the experiences of a lifetime. The visibility can reach up to 150 feet! Coral Gardens is another thrilling site full of diverse marine life. No matter which site you swim, your snorkel gear and fun are included!

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Quicksilver Dinner Cruise – Prime Rib or Island Fish!Quicksilver Dinner Cruise – New Hawaiian Menu!

Spend your evening in Maui enjoying a fabulous meal and motoring along the enchanting west Maui coast on the Quicksilver dinner cruise! Everyone is invited on this gentle sunset excursion. Couples and families are sure to make new friends at the group tables set along the railings. Dinner on the double deck catamaran is full table service. The food and drinks are brought right to your table for full convenience! A live musician plays fun, danceable tunes throughout the dinner cruise. The Quicksilver bar serves up mai tais, beer, wine, and blended drinks. Two drinks are already included with your meal!Call or Chat with us for current pricing.

Quicksilver Lanai Snorkeling & Dolphin EncountersQuicksilver Lanai Snorkeling & Dolphin Encounters

Explore the colorful coral reefs off Lanai with Quicksilver! As you make you way toward the sea cliffs of Lanai, keep your eyes on the ocean. Quicksilver passengers are often treated to the enchanting spectacle of dolphins jumping and spinning in the wild! There are several remote snorkel sites off the coast. Shark Fin Rock is one exciting habitat, and so is beautiful Manele Bay! The comfortable, 55-foot catamaran comes equipped with snorkeling gear, flotation devices, a hearty breakfast, and a delicious BBQ lunch. An attentive and entertaining crew is on board, too, ready to ensure that you and your family have an incredible time. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

West Maui Atv TourWest Maui ATV Tour With Maui Off Road Adventures

Take a wild ride through the West Maui mountains above Kahana and Napili on this West Maui Atv Tour offered by Maui Off Road Adventures. Drive your own high-end side by side machine or take up to 3 other family members. This 2 hour tour starts near sea level in Napili and meanders through the Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui Mountains) up into the Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve. Originally a cattle ranch with pineapple added in 1912 by David T. Fleming you’ll drive through an area rich in history. Panoramic view with the exhilaration of offroading make for a super fun experience.Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

 Maui Luau in Wailea – Tihati Te Au MoanaMaui Luau in Wailea – Tihati Te Au Moana

Come to south Maui and be enchanted by the culture, food, music, and dancing at the extraordinary Marriott Wailea luau. Feast to your heart’s content, sway to the music, and watch the hula and fire dancers move with power and grace. This stage is backed by the ocean! Before the feasting and dancing begin, visit with local artisans and enjoy traditional Polynesian games. The buffet includes traditional kalua pig and poi as well as teriyaki beef, shoyu chicken, mac salad, coconut haupia, and chocolate chip cookies. The bar really delivers too, with mai tais and blended drinks flowing. Aloooooha!Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

 Redline Rafting Awesome Snorkel Tour to Molokini and Kanaio CoastRedline Rafting Snorkel Tour to Molokini & Kanaio Coast

The super fun Forbidden Coast and Molokini excursion stars you as one of only 24 passengers zipping along the surface of the ocean on an awesome, fast moving raft! Molokini is your first incredible stop, and that’s when you get to bust out your snorkeling skills. The crew has your snorkeling equipment, food, and drinks.For your second tour, you’ll sightsee places the bigger boats can’t, like the jagged lava formations of the far south Forbidden Coast of Maui! There’s a good chance you’ll see Hawaiian spinner dolphins here, as a pod tends to rest nearby in the daytime. Call or Chat with us for Special Pricing.

Royal Lahaina Luau. A great family experience.Royal Lahaina Luau. A great family experience.

The Royal Lahaina Luau takes place on Ka’anapali Beach on Maui’s west side. While you eat all that you desire, enjoy spectacular dances from Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Hawaii. The spellbinding dancers tell the history and myths of Polynesia with every movement and song. Royal Lahaina is Maui’s longest running luau! Your dinner buffet is open for the entire performance, and it is not only uniquely kid friendly, but it takes good care of vegetarian and gluten free diners, too. Drinks are brought right to your table, and plenty of options are available from the open bar. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Maui Zipline Canopy Tour by NorthShoreMaui Zipline Canopy Tour by NorthShore

How about a seven-line zip course in the middle of a Maui forest? There are swinging bridges, ladders, and wooden platforms to get excited about before you jump and fly! You’ll zip up to 40 mph on lines over 60 feet high and 900 feet long. As you fly, you’ll take in the awesome views of what was “Camp Maui,” the old WWII Marine base once established in Haiku. Beginners and pro-zippers alike are guaranteed to have a great time. Your NorthShore guides are super cool, patient, and safety-focused, so get out there and have some fun! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Kaanapali Zipline Adventure with Skyline Eco AdventuresKaanapali Zipline Adventure with Skyline Eco Adventures

This 8 line zip course vaults you effortlessly as you glide and laugh with delight through two valleys! Kaanapali Skyline Adventure stands tall on a large piece of private property high in the West Maui Mountains. While hiking and zipping through this course, you will love stunning views of the ocean and neighbor islands. Secure in your zip harness, gather your courage and jump! Have fun with your guides, knowing they are watching out for you and your safety. When this tour is complete, you’ll be breathless, excited, and able to impress your friends with your knowledge of Hawaiian culture! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

West Maui and Molokai 45 Minute flightWest Maui and Molokai 45 Minute flight

Are you ready for the ultimate West Maui and Molokai experience? Air Maui has got your number – with an incredible 45 minute helicopter ride to view both islands from above! If you are into stunning sea and landscapes, geology, Hawaiian culture, or simply relaxing while taking in your vacation destination, this tour is definitely for you. You’ll hover next to rushing waterfalls, fly over verdant jungles and ocean channels, and gaze – awestruck – as the islands are revealed in great detail. The whole family is invited! All ages fly comfortably and are thrilled by this trip. Shall we? Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Road To Hana Tour – Valley Isle ExcursionsRoad To Hana Tour – Valley Isle Excursions

Driving the breathtaking Road to Hana is best when you leave the driving to someone else. Enjoy the lush rainforests, lava coastlines, sacred waterfalls, and jaw-dropping seascapes from the comfort of Valley Isle’s air-conditioned motor coach! Their spacious vehicles boast large windows and a fantastic guide and driver who picks you up from your hotel. Come aboard for an all-day exploration of one of the most famous and beautiful paths on the planet. Your tour includes breakfast and lunch, the cascading waterfalls of Oheo Gulch, the freshwater caves, black sand beach at Waianapanapa & much more! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Road to Hana Tour with Polynesian Adventure Tours – Hana Gold AdventureRoad to Hana Tour with Polynesian Adventure Tours

The Road to Hana is 52 miles of beautiful curves winding along Maui’s eastern coast. The day-long drive is simultaneously lovely, thrilling, and harrowing. What do you say to skipping the drive, but seeing the sights? This all-day tour picks up and drops off at your hotel. Stop at only the best waterfalls, tropical jungles, black sand beaches, and caves. Enjoy a continental breakfast, picnic lunch, and limitless juice, sodas, and water! You’ll relax and watch the world go by in air-conditioned comfort, while your Polynesian Adventures guide drives and narrates this gorgeous road. Are you ready to go? Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Atlantis Submarine Ride – MauiAtlantis Submarine Ride – Maui

Okay, who hasn’t dreamed of going on a submarine? The Atlantis Submarine Tour makes this phenomenal idea a reality, just off Maui’s west coast! The cabin is spacious, and comfortably seats 48. You’ll see unicornfish, bluefin trevally, and large schools of goatfish, among many other reef dwellers. Compare what’s beyond the large portholes to the handy fish guides installed by each seat. Your engaging pilot and co-pilot (also marine naturalists) are sure to entertain and answer any questions while exploring three sites. One site is the purposely sunken tall ship Carthiginian II! This sub descends to over 100 feet. Wow! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Haleakala Sunrise Tour – Polynesian Adventure ToursHaleakala Sunrise Tour – Polynesian Adventure Tours

Seeing the sunrise from Haleakala’s summit is one of the quintessential Maui activities! Being on the volcano’s edge – when the light first touches this highest point on the island (over 10,000 feet!), can be quite a powerful moment. Polynesian Adventures will take you there to experience the break of day, enjoy the National Park Visitors’ Center, and eat breakfast at a lovely place down the mountain. Many choose to view this sunrise soon after landing, as jet lag makes it easier to wake up early. It is very cold and beautiful up there, so bring layers and your camera. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Kaulana Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch! Kaulana Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch!

Ride the double decked catamaran Kaulana from Maui to Lanai for an amazing half-day snorkeling adventure! Visit two underwater sites, including Kaulana’s exclusive mooring off “Club Lanai.” Lanai’s coral reefs are bright and lively, and they are home to a plethora of beautiful fish. On the way over, keep your eyes peeled for Hawaiian spinner dolphins! Your friendly crew members will take care of your snorkel instruction and equipment, continental breakfast, and delicious barbecue lunch. They’ll also watch for your safety in the water. You’ll love the coral reefs, water slide, and day in the sun. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Maui Whale Watching is Incredible aboard MaloloMaui Whale Watching is Incredible aboard Malolo

Our Quicksilver and Malolo are two fabulous, comfortable catamarans just perfect for sunset whale watching! Our captains (none called Ahab) are really good at finding whales. Some of the surface behaviors you may see are tail and side fin slaps, tail throws, and head lunges. Keep your flippers crossed for a spyhop or a full body breach – woah! As you watch the whales, listen to the friendly naturalist. He’ll tell you what the pods are doing in real time. And to make your whale stay more comfortable, cocktails and sodas are available for purchase during this 2 hour tour. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Strike Zone Bottom and Sport Fishing – 6 Hour TourStrike Zone Bottom and Sport Fishing – 6 Hour Tour

Drop your lines and reel one in with Strike Zone – a 43′ deep sea sport fishing and bottom fishing vessel right out of Ma’alaea Harbor! Grab up to 12 anglers and their guests, and motor out in the early morning while Maui’s waters are calm. Your exciting six-hour fishing expedition brings you to all the secret spots known by your captain and crew. You’ll have opportunities to catch fish both large and small while you hope to hook several different species: striped marlin, skipjack tuna, mahi-mahi, trevally, and if you’re really lucky – the elusive Pacific blue marlin. So pack up your kids and Grandpa, and book a fun fishing trip with Kelly and Bryce today! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Lahaina Parasailing with West Maui ParasailLahaina Parasailing with West Maui Parasail

Can you imagine floating high above the ocean waves, surveying the west Maui coast like a bird? Check out the epic Pacific, the neighbor islands, the toy boats on their moorings. . . Begin your adventure at Lahaina Harbor with a quick tour by water taxi. Zip a bit offshore to your 31′ speedboat, and it’s time to fly! The boat keeps going as the crew straps you into your swing seat, releases your parasail to inflate, and waves aloha as you are swept up into the island air. Your crew will photograph you throughout your 8 – 10 minute trip! If you have never tried parasailing, do not miss this opportunity. There is no better place to see from the air than beautiful West Maui. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

West Maui Parasail – Kaanapali FlyingWest Maui Parasail – Kaanapali Flying

Imagine floating more than 30 stories in the air, tethered to a moving speedboat. You just took a small craft from the beach to a 31′ speedboat. The captain got the new boat moving, and the countdown began. The crew inflated your parasail, strapped you in, and watched as you said goodbye to sea level! The world below is the same one you left behind, but you see it differently now! Ka’anapali Beach stretches out before you. The sunbathers and umbrellas look small, and except for the occasional creak from your swing harness, all is quiet in the sky. Awesome. Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Surf Club Maui Kihei – Beginner Surfing LessonsSurf Club Maui Kihei – Beginner Surfing Lessons

How do you float properly on a board? Paddle out to catch a wave? Jump up and balance once you’ve caught one? How do you stay safe, and keep the marine life safe, too? The 1.5 – 2 hours spent with your surf guide will teach you this and more! You’ll learn in water no more than chest deep. Surf Club has several board sizes for lessons. Wear your own reef-safe sunscreen and bathing suit plus board shorts. If your instructor decides it’s a good idea, you can keep practicing with your board for the rest of the day!
Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Maui Surfing Lessons Lahaina – Learn How to Surf with Royal HawaiianMaui Surfing Lessons Lahaina with Royal Hawaiian

Royal Hawaiian specializes in teaching first-time surfers. If you can swim, you’re ready. If you already surf, these folks can help you, too! The instructor takes out no more than 5 students for a 90 minute lesson – first on the sand, and then in the water. Learn safety rules, how to watch the ocean, what a “catchable” wave feels like, how to catch one, what to do once you’ve caught one, surfing etiquette, and more. Most of all, you’ll gain a knowledge in your body of how much fun it is to be out there on a board!
Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

Dive Lanai with Extended Horizons – Fish and Epic Caves!Dive Lanai with Extended Horizons – Fish and Epic Caves!

Often, certified divers who visit Maui deem the day they dove Lanai – a neighbor island – to be their favorite experience. Lanai has a robust reef system with large, concentrated populations of marine life. Lanai’s wildlife – along with its unusual underwater caves and tubes – makes diving off the coast unparalleled! Extended Horizons, an eco-friendly dive shop, has been running dives to Lanai since 1984. Following your expert dive guide, you will use two tanks to dive two sites. A few of the more popular spots include Cathedrals I and II, and Menpachi Cave. Best fishes to you! Call or Chat with us for Special pricing.

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