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Calypso – Maui’s Newest Molokini Snorkeling Tour

by / Wednesday, 16 May 2018 / Published in Maui Blog

In the Greek myth of The Odyssey, the goddess Calypso falls in love with the protagonist Odysseus. She keeps him at her side for years by singing enchantments and attempts to make him her immortal husband. In the end, she is unable to win Odysseus’ true affection and is forced to allow him to resume his journey home. On the island of Maui there is a boat named after Calypso which is similarly charming, with the enchantments of ocean views, and the immortality of everlasting memories. Book the Calypso Maui Molokini Snorkel Tour  now!

The Calypso Maui experience begins in the morning at Ma’alaea harbor. After a simple check-in, you can walk your way right up to the ramp and onto the boat. There are 3 floors with plenty of seating to choose from, and breakfast platters at the bar to fill you up while getting ready for departure. A short safety briefing later and the boat is on its way.

Of course on a snorkel cruise, you’ll be needing snorkel gear. Feel free to stay seated however as the Calypso’s crew are on the job delivering high-quality mask and snorkels and fins for any shoe size. They’ll even get you a wetsuit (for a small price). It’s all taken care of so you’re free to relax and take in the beautiful views of the islands Maui, Kaho’olawe, and of course the destination islet Molokini.

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The small crescent of land that is the Molokini islet is the very tip of a long extinct volcano. Submerged by rising water levels at the end of the last ice age, the crater became a flourishing bloom of marine life. Thousands of years later it is now a perfect shelter for snorkelers and divers. The walls of volcanic rock provide shelter from waves and currents, providing a nice and calm swimming experience through the aquatic garden which over 250 species of fish call home.

Snorkeling off the Calypso is made easy. The dive step turns the entire back of the boat into a nice staircase down to the water allowing many people to enter or exit simultaneously, which means no long lines to get in. After you’ve taken in your fill of Molokini’s amazing sights, it also means you won’t be stuck treading water waiting to get out.


Calypso’s not done yet though. The boat then makes its way to a second snorkel destination. This small area off the coast of southern Maui gets its colloquial title from its inhabitants: Turtle Town. Green Sea Turtles grow to be 3-4 feet long, and although they spend most of their lives submerged they breathe oxygen just like humans. At rest, these turtles can remain underwater for several hours, but while active they return to the surface every 4-5 minutes. This brings them into prime territory for you to lay eyes upon these Hawaiian symbols of good luck.

With the second destination also comes lunch, and just in time, as you’re sure to have worked up an appetite. Offered is a choice between teriyaki chicken or Hawaiian style slow cooked kalua pork, each put into sandwich form for easy consumption along with typical sides. After lunch, it’s time for some well earned rest and relaxation on the smooth journey back to the harbor.

The mythical Calypso Maui boat couldn’t quite make Odysseus hers after years, but Maui’s Calypso will capture your heart in a day.



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