Maui horseback riding is a blast!

Making memories on a Maui trail ride is a horse lovers dream! Lucky for you, pardner, we have four fantastic options for your Maui horseback riding adventure. You can saddle up in the morning, ride out for lunch time, or enjoy a gorgeous sunset ride!

Whichever time you choose, your Maui horseback riding will be a blast. Even if you have never been on a horse before, the ranch staff will make sure you are comfortable. They will match you with the perfect horse for your skill level, and they will make sure you understand how to ride before ya’ll head out. Each horse has their own personality of course, but in general, these hand-picked horses are gentle and used to carrying folks new to the saddle and expert riders alike. In addition, your guides will be with you on your trip, leading you up and down the mountain trails, and talking about the flora and fauna that live in the area.

At Mendes Ranch in Wailuku, you’ll enjoy some morning Maui horseback riding. From their spot nestled in a gorgeous valley, you’ll ride all the way to the coast. You’ll love the expansive views from the rugged cliffs, and the fact that you’re gazing at the scenery from a horse makes the surrounding beauty that much better! When you arrive at the coastline, the exceptional guides will take photos of you on horseback—no selfies or horsies necessary! You’ll meander back to the corral, and upon your return, there will be quite the barbeque lunch waiting for you. You’ll eat together with the guides and guests, sharing beef, chicken, salads, bread, drinks, and more! Yahoo!

If you prefer Maui horseback riding on the West Side, then Lahaina Stables has the trails you want. This fabulous ranch offers three different tours: a morning historical and cultural ride, an afternoon lunch ride, and an evening sunset ride. Each brings you through two incredible valleys in the Kahalawai (West Maui) Mountains, and all have unbelievable views of Lahaina Town, Lahaina Harbor, and the three neighbor islands you can see from that side: left to right, they are the brilliant Kahoolawe, Lanai, and Molokai. Your destination while you ride is a lovely pond located in the back of the valley. Not many people get to see that special place, and you’re sure to love it. If you go in the morning or at sunset, drinks and snacks are provided. The afternoon ride includes a great deli-style lunch.

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