Parasail / Jetski

Either get high above it all on a Maui parasailing tour, or delight in the excitement of Maui jet skiing!

If you’ve had your fill of fun at sea level for a bit, try Maui parasailing! Let the exceptional staff raise you up, high above the sparkling ocean. See Maui like you’ve never seen it before—as if you had wings! Let all your worries go as everything below becomes smaller and smaller until you are seeing it from 50 stories high.

See historic Lahaina Town like the ‘iwa birds do, higher than the old sugar cane factory smokestack. Watch the boats in Lahaina Harbor from above as the sailors bustle about on deck like busy ants. Look across the channel to Lanai, the Pineapple Isle. Understand the enormous Banyan Tree in a new way, and pick out other historic sites you know in Lahaina! Most of all enjoy the quiet as you float above one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

You can also choose a Maui parasailing tour above Kaanapali! Go just as high as the Lahaina tour, but focus on that beautiful long stretch of golden sand below you. See sites of significance like Black Rock, and gaze into the distance at the neighbor island of Molokai. While you are absorbed in your soaring, your Maui parasailing crew will take the role of photographers, capturing your special moments so high above the sea. Excellent!

When you want some action-packed time on the ocean, think about Maui jet skiing! Imagine the salt spray against your face, the wind blowing back your hair, and the need for speed dropping away as you and your jet ski dash ahead. Feel the surface of the water beneath your marine motorcycle, and shoot forward on top of the waves! Zoom around as much as you’d like. Make tight turns within your personal patch of the Pacific. Watch the West coast of Maui zip by beside you, and see your friends race along nearby. Maui jet skiing is awesome!

So, it’s either Maui parasailing, Maui jet skiing, or both. Both activities are super fun, and we understand it may be difficult to choose, so feel free to give us a call if you need an islander’s advice! Either way, we’ll see you soon!

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Couple having fun on jet ski maui

Jet Ski Maui at Kaanapali Beach with Pacific Jet Sports

Feel the ocean spray in your face as you race upon the clear waters off the shores of Ka’anapali Beach. One hour and half hour rentals are available.

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Enjoy an exciting ride above the Pacific ocean with West Maui Parasail

West Maui Parasail – Kaanapali Flying

Come fly above Lahaina with West Maui Parasail. This is a special early bird rate for the 8am or 9am morning 800′ flights. Enjoy incredible views of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai as you float along in the sky 800′  in the air.

$-New low prices-$ Call for details: (808) 856-4274$

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Parasailing- UFO Parasail

With hourly trips departing from the beach at the Ka’anapali resort, you’ll see views of the West Maui Coastline, the island of Moloka’i, and the island of Lana’i that can only be seen from the air.

$-New low prices-$ Call for details: (808) 856-4274$

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Three Lahaina parasailing boats side by side off the coast of west Maui

Lahaina Parasailing with West Maui Parasail

Imagine soaring high above the Pacific Ocean in a specially designed parachute while being towed behind a high-tech speed boat.  That's what parasailing is all about!

$-New low prices-$ Call for details: (808) 856-4274$

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