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In the Greek myth of The Odyssey, the goddess Calypso falls in love with the protagonist Odysseus. She keeps him at her side for years by singing enchantments and attempts to make him her immortal husband. In the end, she is unable to win Odysseus’ true affection and is forced to allow him to resume

A Morning at Twin Falls

Thursday, 08 February 2018 by

A Morning at Twin Falls with Boss Frog’s I bounced out of bed early on a Sunday morning, ready to get some oxygen in my system. It was sunny – perfect weather for the Twin Falls hike! I frequently wake up exuberant on Sundays, because I allow myself to do almost nothing of consequence the

Why Snorkel at Molokini?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by

Maui has no shortage of snorkeling spots, but Molokini has become an easy favorite amongst beginning and skilled scuba divers alike.  If you’re looking for a picture perfect snorkeling adventure, this spot is for you!     History of Molokini: Molokini is easily recognized by its unique crescent shape, but it had to work hard to

Maui’s Most Popular Land Activities

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by

While Maui is surrounded by a gorgeous turquoise ocean, that doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment beachside.  If you’re looking to dry out on land, here are Maui’s most popular activities for land lovers.   Maui Zipline Canopy Tour- Northshore Zipline Co. There is a very good chance that you just came

No one needs to be left out of a fantastic ocean adventure just because of their age or abilities!  With this guide, pick the category that best suits you and we will list the options that will make everyone jump on board!   Early Bird Special #1 AM Molokini Snorkel – Calypso Good morning sunshine!  This bright

Best Activities in Central Maui

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 by

Ahhh, central Maui.  From ponds to plantations, this lovely area of the island has something for everyone!     Boat Bound Picture yourself at the helm of a boat, cruising along the turquoise waters as the sky showcases a brilliant sunset.  Its not hard to see why so many people have boat rides on their Maui bucket

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