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Maui submarine tours are an incredibly fun way to check out what lives beneath the sea’s surface.

We have two exciting options. The Atlantis Submarine goes completely underwater, and the Reefdancer Semi-Sub stays half in, half out! Both Maui submarine tours bring you close to marine life in the wild in the most comfortable manner possible. You simply relax, fall in love with the fish outside the windows, and stay dry!

Atlantis Submarine descends from the surface to 100 feet below. You will travel to three specific sites underwater. Fish are beautifully abundant in each location. You will even visit the sunken ship, the Carthaginian! This huge movie prop was brought to the bottom on purpose to create the base for a coral reef. As you will see when you get there, that plan is working just fine! Your vessel is maneuvered gracefully by a pilot and co-pilot who are naturalists, too. They will answer all your questions and give you great information.

This is one of the excellent Maui submarine tours for the whole family. Kids love matching the fish outside with the fish on the ID cards supplied at each of the giant portholes. There is plenty of space inside the submarine, and the guests are not squashed together like sardines. Speaking of sardines, you won’t see those here in Maui, but do look for schools of manini on the reefs!

The Reefdancer is suspended between sea and air, which gives you the best of both worlds! All year long, the coral reefs here are magical. Let the Reefdancer immerse you in a world of splendor. Spend time in the cool cabin below the water line as the craft explores the ocean habitat. Go upstairs to enjoy the sunlight and sea breezes. What more could you ask for? When the humpback whales are here (December – April), make sure to check up top every once in a while for spouting. Shout out if you see one! On our longer Semi-Sub tour, an excursion scuba diver will bring marine animals to you at the viewing windows! Kids can’t get enough of these up-close encounters.

Both of our Maui submarine tours are air-conditioned and tons of fun for everyone. Climb in and see what’s going on!