Air Maui Circle Island 60 Minute Awesome Helicopter Tour

This is our most popular flight and features “The Best of Maui”, from the striking beauty of Haleakala Crater, the tropical waterfalls of Hana Rainforest, to the dramatic valleys of the West Maui Mountains.

Due to high demand and limited capacity,
please call (808) 856-4274, and we will personally assist you.

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The Air Maui Circle Island flight is the best way to experience the remote areas of Maui!

If you are looking for a great way to experience the entire island while relaxing, the Air Maui circle island tour is the way to go. There is no simpler and more comprehensive method of discovering the Valley Isle than as a passenger on the Air Maui circle island Tour. The texture, spirit, and energy of Maui are revealed to you in breathtaking detail.

The island of Maui boasts one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes on Earth. As you watch ocean waves caress golden sands and beat against sea cliffs, the attraction to the island is obvious. People come from all over the world just to stand on this piece of geologic history, to feel the lava rock that makes up the land, and to see what shapes the people.

Maui is a symphony composed of rolling hills and deep gorges, crashing waves and coral reefs, and—at the 10,023 foot peak of Haleakala Crater—enormous ash and cinder cones. Helicopter tours on Maui can play the symphony for you in its entirety. Waterfalls too risky to climb are easily accessed by your pilot, who is mindful of your safety and knowledgeable in location and lore. You will feel as though you can reach out and touch the plants, the mountain peaks, and the clear rainwater streaming down the lava cliffs.

Air Maui’s experienced helicopter pilots double as your tour guides. You can hear the pilot speak, but the pilot cannot hear you, so you have the chance to sit back and enjoy yourself. The pilot gives just the right amount of information and then keeps quiet, allowing you to forge a personal connection with your fantastic surroundings below. As you absorb the scenery, you will hear about all kinds of things, from Hawaiian history and geography to botany, biology, and legend. Video cameras mounted on the outside of the helicopter record the scenery, musical soundtrack, and everything the pilot says.

The Air Maui circle island tour is a perfect activity for the whole family, as any age can fly, and you get to skip all kinds of traffic and carsickness (think Road to Hana). Altitude changes with Air Maui are gradual, and the spectacular scenery changes constantly.

Enjoy this opportunity to rise above it all and connect with the dynamic personality of the island. You will gain a deep knowing of how the land formed and what is shaping it, and the experience is an unforgettable one. Have a great time, and enjoy yourself!

Important Info:

  • All riders will be weighed and must have ID upon check-in.
  • Children under two free in lap. All passengers over 2 must have ticket.
  • Riders over 240 lbs will be required to pay for comfort seating according to FAA laws.
  • No scuba 24 hours prior to flight.

Flight times differ every day however we would like your preferred flight time. You will be contact by one of our reservationists within 24hrs of your booking time to confirm your flight time. You will be asked for your phone number and email address upon check out. 

Check in at Kahului heliport Air Maui Helicopter Tours.
Driving directions: Take Hwy 380, Turn right and drive 6 miles to Hwy. 36 (Kmart intersection).
Turn right and drive 2 miles to Hwy 37. Turn left and drive straight into Heliport.
Air Maui is the last hangar.
For help call Maui Activities at 808-856-4274