Kaanapali Zipline Adventure with Skyline Eco Adventures

Come with us on this half-day adventure, and learn about Maui’s rich history and biological diversity. Overlooking the Kingdom of Hawaii’s former Capitol, you will experience a perspective that takes you back in time.

Due to high demand and limited capacity,
please call (808) 856-4274, and we will personally assist you.


Skyline Eco Adventures Kaanapali Zipline is epic!

When you zoom along the 8 lines of a Kaanapali zipline adventure, you won’t know what’s come over you! As you whoosh over the one-of-a-kind scenery in the Kahalawai (West Maui) Mountains, the vistas revealed before you will make your jaw drop! You’ll scream with delight, laugh, shout, and feel like a kid again (unless you’re a kid now, in which case, please continue!).

While you are zipping, you’ll be enchanted by gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean; the neighbor islands of Lanai, Molokai, and Kahoolawe, and all the landforms beneath you as you cross two of Maui’s valleys! Peter Pan’s got nothing on this tour.

Each zipline will get your feet off the ground and your whole body sailing effortlessly into the air, while you take in amazing views you’d never see otherwise. Every zipline is named after a Hawaiian ahupua’a, so you’ll learn about the ancient Hawaiian system of land management, and hear about the legends, plants, and animals that still live in the area. And get this: on Line 7, “Wahikuli,” you’ll be invited to zip across BACKWARDS. Wow!

You’ll meet approximately at sea level to get ready for this dynamic activity. After you are gifted a Skyline Eco Adventures logo water bottle, you and your group will climb into an open-air 4×4 to be driven up to the beginning of the Kaanapali zipline tour, which is on a large piece of private property near the beautiful Kahoma Valley.

Once out of the exciting 4×4, you’ll meet your guides, and they will be your experts in fun, safety, and Hawaiian knowledge for the entirety of your delightful 3.5 hour trip. Your guides will outfit you with your zip harness and other gear, and they will be your photographers while you zip and enjoy the scenery. (You can also rent a Go Pro helmet cam to thoroughly record the views.)

You’ll enjoy the Kaanapali zipline adventure because you will delight in flying like a super hero through the beauty of Maui, but know that your fun is helping, too: you are zipping with the world’s first ever carbon neutral zipline! Yahoo!

You’ll love sailing over Maui on these 8 lines of fun, so get off the ground and have an unbelievably good time!

Location: Check in at 2580 Keka’a Drive, Suite 122 Lahaina, Hi 96761.
Located in the Fairway Shops in Kaanapali.
For help call Maui Activities at 808-856-4274