Surf Club Maui Kihei – Beginner Surfing Lessons

Want to learn to surf? Of course you do! Surf Club in Kihei can help you become a big kahuna. Learn how to stand up, paddle, wave choice and much more.

Due to high demand and limited capacity,
please call (808) 856-4274, and we will personally assist you.


Learn to surf in Kihei with Surf Club Maui.

Are you ready to hang ten? You’re going to love learning how to surf with Surf Club Maui! Their attentive instructors teach you first on land, then in the water, and you’re sure to climb out with a new appreciation for the magnificent sea and the incredible sport!

Surf Club gives beginning and intermediate small group lessons to children, teens, and adults, and also offers private and semi-private instruction. All students must know how to swim before signing up, but no prior surfing experience is required to begin learning. The group lessons accommodate 6 students or less.

Each lesson is a dynamic combo of actual surfing plus taking breaks between the waves. You’ll start out in the morning when the wind is calm, practice in water that is waist to chest deep, and go between 1.5 and 2 hours. Surf Club Maui offers an array of board sizes to accommodate people up to a fit 230 pounds, and they also provide your water shirt and water shoes. All you need to wear is sunscreen, your bathing suit, and a pair of board shorts!

In a beginning lesson, you’ll cover surfing basics on a soft top long board. Being guided in the water by a Surf Club Maui instructor is awesome, and you will definitely learn a lot and have a ton of fun! The exciting topics include how to: read the waves, catch the waves, and ride the waves, of course! Also, you’ll learn about balancing on the board, paddling out, staying safe, respecting the reef, and practicing surf etiquette.

Intermediate lessons use long boards (or your own board), and in addition to a quick review of the basics, the instructor will go over how to: ride down the line, turn, and trim. To be prepared for a Surf Club Maui intermediate lesson, you’ll want to have at least 10 independent surfing hours or 3 beginning lessons under your belt.

Surf Club Maui is ready to get you on a board and into the water! Are you ready to see what you can do?

Last start time for Saturday lesson is 12:00pm.

Earlier activity times are best, as there is less wind.

2 hour lesson.
Check in time: 30 minutes prior to your activity time.
Location: 22 Alahele Street, Kihei, across from Kalama Beach Park and right behind the red 76 Gas Station.