Kanaio Coast and Molokini Snorkeling Adventure – Blue Water Rafting

Double the fun with stops at Molokini and Kanaio coastline. See dolphins, sea turtles, caves, and other remote sites including LaPerouse Bay. Experience the greatest snorkeling adventure with Blue Water Rafting.

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Kanaio and Molokini Snorkeling with Blue Water Rafting

If you want a snorkel excursion that will take you to places other tours won’t, Blue Water Rafting is it! They have an exhilarating Kanaio and Molokini Snorkeling Tour that will take you to see the uninhabited south coast of Maui as well as La Perouse Bay, Molokini Crater, and Makena, all in 5.5 action packed hours!

Blue Water Rafting really knows what they’re doing when they take you out sightseeing. They leave from the convenient Kihei Boat Ramp at Kamaole Beach Park III in the morning. Their fast, inflatable, rigid hulled, and stable rafts are powered by environmentally friendly motors and totally fun to ride (and not recommended for pregnant women, frail individuals, children under 4, or anyone with back or neck issues). The space on your raft is limited to 24 passengers, and about 60% of it is covered in shade. Beverages are provided on board, but alcohol is not allowed on the Kanaio and Molokini Snorkeling Tour.

First, you’ll view the rarely seen Kanaio Coast, a remote and inaccessible coastline past Wailea and Makena that is made up of magnificent lava arches, sea caves, and grottoes (great photo ops!). After sightseeing, you’ll enjoy a continental breakfast of fruit, muffins, water, and juices while you zoom ahead to the next beautiful spot—La Perouse Bay! Here is where you’ll get your first chance to snorkel. Spinner dolphins often frequent this bay, and there have been times when dolphins have approached snorkelers. Lucky visitors have described these encounters as entirely memorable, spiritual experiences. Incredible! And after the great snorkeling at La Perouse Bay, it’s off to Molokini (only a 20 minute ride)!

You’ll get to Molokini just as most of the other boats are leaving, so you’ll essentially have the place to yourselves for awhile. All the snorkel space suddenly made available will allow you to snorkel the inside bowl, drift snorkel the outer rim of the crater, and potentially explore the back side of Molokini! (Any and all snorkeling depends on the ocean conditions of the moment, and Blue Water Rafting wants you to be safe and happy on your Kanaio and Molokini Snorkeling Tour.)

Molokini is a beautiful marine preserve created by a now extinct volcanic crater that rose from the depths long ago and still sticks out above the surface. A coral reef has formed within the crater, and that dynamic habitat is what has attracted all the incredible fish you’ll be seeing! Keep an eye out for spotted eagle rays, eels, octopi, and docile reef sharks while you watch the gorgeous fish swim. After snorkeling the crater, you can believe that your Kanaio and Molokini Snorkeling Tour isn’t over yet! Next, you’ll devour a tasty deli-style lunch (chocolate chip cookie included) while you head to Makena!

Makena has an excellent snorkel spot frequented by Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu), so the endangered, air-breathing reptiles are easy to find and photograph. The turtles are cool with any underwater Paparazzi that respect their space, and touching a turtle can land you a hefty fine. You’ll love watching these amazing animals cruise by, and the memories can easily last as long as a turtle’s lifespan!

Once you’re finished snorkeling Makena, you’ll ride back to Kihei Boat Harbor, bidding farewell to your incredible captain and crew. Sounds like an amazing half day, doesn’t it?

Kanaio and Molokini Snorkeling Tour with Blue Water Rafting is an amazing way to get acquainted with Maui waters. Book your space on the raft now!

Bring swimming suit, sunscreen and towel.
Check in time is 6:30am
Location: Kihei Boat Ramp
2988 South Kihei Rd, 96753