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Welcome to the Maui ATV tours page! If you are ready to get dirty, muddy, and wet while shrieking with delight, these are the tours for you.

Drive your own vehicle on trails high above the West Side on a real live cattle ranch. You can share your Polaris all terrain vehicle (ATV) with another person, or you can have one all to yourself! Have fun negotiating tight turns, avoiding cows and other animals, and kicking up as much dust and mud as you want with 500 ccs of power under your control. Throughout all this excitement, you’ll be protected and safe with the equipment provided by Kahoma Ranch—a helmet, goggles, and bandana. In case you didn’t pack any old things to wear that you’re fully happy to stain, you can actually rent a set of clothes! So cool. These thrilling Maui ATV tours are guided, so an experienced and fun leader will be with you on the entire trip. Kids 5 and up can either ride side by side with the guide, or ride along with a conscientious adult. What fun!

You’ll follow rugged trails through the Kahalawai (West Maui) Mountains that only these Maui ATV tours can access. Once you make it to the top of the mountains at almost 2000 feet, you’ll take a break from the super fun rough terrain at a place they call The Garden. In The Garden, they have fresh fruit and cold beverages all set for you to enjoy while you absorb the expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and the neighbor islands below. And if you think that sounds good, how about the fact that The Garden’s main feature is a fresh water reservoir with three huge water slides?! Wow! There is a rope bridge made of wooden planks over the reservoir. If you just want to chill, there is a floating dock so you can catch some rays once you’re all washed off. Awesome.

So, these Maui ATV tours are waiting for you and your family with their engines running . . .

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Maui ATV Tour

West Maui ATV Tour by Kahoma Ranch. Drive your own machine.

4.00 out of 5

Enjoy a ride in your own ATV on private dirt roads and trails inaccessible to the general public. Drive these dune buggies up the mountain and take a cool dip in the freshwater reservoir.

$119$143Savings Per Couple $48

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