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Not an early bird? No worries! Our afternoon snorkel cruises have got you covered.

Maui draws people from all over the world to its magical turquoise waters. The animals living off the island coasts are members of a gorgeous, tightly knit reef community. One of the most brilliant things you can do while you’re here is stick your head in the water to take a look. “I hope I don’t have to get up early for this,” you may be thinking. The reefs are busy all day long, so you are welcome to get some extra sleep. Lucky for you, we have plenty of afternoon snorkel cruises for you to enjoy!

Coral Gardens is the prime spot to snorkel in the afternoon. The winds on Maui pick up as the day progresses. This makes more waves and decreases visibility in certain places underwater. Coral Gardens is sheltered from much of this wind by the West Maui Mountains. You are good to go in this location!

No matter where you look on these afternoon snorkel cruises, you will see a carnival of fish. Stripes, dots, and flapping fins whirl by. Some fish float along slowly like blimps. Others zoom past so fast, you’re hardly sure you saw them! Most maintain a sort of in-between speed, tending to their territory and looking for food. All of the fish at Coral Gardens will delight you with their presence and colors!

Your captain and crew will make sure you have everything you need on your afternoon snorkel cruises. They provide every piece of snorkel equipment possible, including optical masks and flotation aids. If you need a snorkel review, or this is your first time trying it, the experienced staff will explain how everything works. They will make sure you are comfortable in the water the whole time. And don’t forget lunch! There will be a delicious meal ready for you when you are finished in the water. Also, the boat comes equipped with restrooms and freshwater showers for rinsing off.

Our afternoon snorkel cruises to Coral Gardens have plenty of space for you and your family. One, two, three, go!


Malolo Afternoon Snorkel Trip to Molokini or Coral Gardens

Check in at Maalaea Harbor and cruise on out to snorkel Molokini Crater or Coral Gardens, depending on the weather, for your chance to see a variety of marine life.

Four Winds Snorkel Molokini or Coral Gardens Afternoon Cruise

If you like to sleep in, but don’t want to miss the fun, this afternoon snorkel trip is just the ticket. Come see the beauty of Molokini or the beautiful Coral Gardens with our friendly crew dedicated to making this experience fun and memorable.

Afternoon Snorkel Cruise to Coral Gardens Aboard Paragon II

Turtles, manta rays, exotic tropical fish... Coral Gardens features a unique blend of sea life tucked into the cliffs near the West Maui mountains. Enjoy the view while enjoying pupu's (appetizers), soda, beer & wine, and exceptional snorkeling.