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Learn to surf with these Maui surfing lessons!

Some say that once you ride your first wave, there’s no turning back—you’ll be a surfer for life. If you’d like to test this theory, Maui surfing lessons are for you. Our patient instructors have been catching waves for years, and they love teaching first time students! You can learn how to surf or stand up paddle in our super fun group lessons.

Maui surfing lessons on a long board go something like this: you surrender to the rhythm of the sea and your instructor’s expertise. You paddle out, balance on your board, and feel the energy of the water as it builds. You take time to develop understanding, and then you pop up on just the right wave! Yahoo! Your first time standing—with the ocean moving you forward—is just unforgettable! We give beginner surf lessons on the south side and the west side of Maui.

If you decide to go stand up paddling, that’s fun in a whole different way. Stand up paddle boards are wider and longer than long boards. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to stand on these big boards the entire time you are on the water. You do not paddle out on your belly to catch waves. Rather, you paddle anywhere you would like using an oar. Also, you usually seek flat water so you can look below the surface at the awesome fish! When paddle boarding, it is as if the ocean is your own personal aquarium. We offer stand up paddle lessons on the south side of the island.

Both types of our Maui surfing lessons provide a superb instructor, an awesome board, water boots for grip, and a surf shirt to keep you warm while you learn. You need to know how to swim before you sign up. Every surf student will want to wear a bathing suit, board shorts, and sunscreen. Some lessons offer the use of the board for the rest of the day!

Take a look below to see more about our Maui surfing lessons. We can’t wait to see you stand up on that board. Have fun!


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