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Get out there fast on one of these awesome Maui ocean rafting tours.

Are you looking for an unmatched adventure on the sea? Check out our Maui ocean rafting tours. These craft are small, fast, and safe, and they carry everything you will need. You can scuba dive, snorkel, or sightsee in magical hidden places that larger vessels cannot reach.

Visit the secluded southern coast of Maui. Photograph ancient volcanic eruptions frozen in mid arch. Search for Hawaiian spinner dolphins and mighty humpback whales (in season). Discover secret ocean caves and lava tubes underwater!

These spectacular spots are easily accessed by our Maui ocean rafting tours, and the vessels will take you there quickly! The captain and crew will make sure to satisfy your appetite for food as well as thrilling moments! Breakfast and lunch are included in the all day tours. You’ll have your choice of beverages and snacks on every trip. And the snorkel and scuba equipment is aboard before you are. You’ll be ready to jump in at a moment’s notice!

The captain knows all about the areas you’ll be visiting. She will choose the spots with the best visibility for the day’s wind and weather. On some of our Maui ocean rafting tours, you’ll circle the entire island of Lanai! Pass an incredible shipwreck on a stretch of back side beach. Snorkel or scuba dive the fantastic site they call Shark Fin (the underwater rock formation looks like a dorsal fin). Dive Cathedrals, an incomparable site that looks like natural stained glass windows beneath the waves.

You can speed to Molokini on our Maui ocean rafting tours, too! Get there in 15 minutes, and sneak into the water just as the big boats are leaving. Take your time gazing at the fish and seabirds with just your small group in the water. Some Molokini tours also include a trip to the Kanaio Coast of Maui. This hidden coast, made of dynamic lava formations, is a place you’ll want to photograph and share with your friends. Don’t forget to watch the surface for dolphins and whales on the way back to Maui!

All of our Maui ocean rafting trips are sure to deliver an amazing day out on the water. Get your bathing suit on, grab your camera, and let’s go!


Blue Water Rafting - Molokini Express Snorkel Trip

If you’re short on time, this two-hour adventure package is just what you need. In fifteen minutes, high powered rafts will speed you to Molokini where your will still have over an hour in the water!

Kanaio Coast and Molokini Snorkeling Adventure - Blue Water Rafting

Double the fun with stops at Molokini and Kanaio coastline. See dolphins, sea turtles, caves, and other remote sites including LaPerouse Bay. Experience the greatest snorkeling adventure with Blue Water Rafting.

Redline Rafting Awesome Snorkel Tour to Molokini and Kanaio Coast

The Forbidden Coast tour would leave even Jacques Cousteau smiling from ear to ear. Hold on as you zoom across the water to the remote Kanaio Coastline, where you will view Maui’s most recent lava flow along with a number of enchanting caves, lava arches and grottoes.