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Enjoy an intimate ocean experience on any one of these cool Maui kayak tours.

One of the best ways to get really close to the island’s marine wildlife is by enjoying one of our Maui kayak tours. You are led by a knowledgeable, patient, and personable guide as you paddle along quietly through one of three spectacular coastal sites. You’ll glide above dazzling coral reefs, slip off the side outfitted with snorkel gear, and take time to explore the calm waters—vibrant with life. We have three Maui kayak tours to choose from: one shows you the life on the South side, and two of them bring you into West Maui waters!

Makena and Turtle Town on the south side of the island are wonderful ocean areas to visit by kayak. The Hawaiian green sea turtle, an endangered species, is frequently encountered there. They’ll glide by, taking time to breathe, as you do the same. It is amazing to simply float there and watch the turtles swim. Let the water buoy you up as the multi-colored fish of the coral reefs flip their fins and zoom past you.

Honolua Bay is home to all kinds of marine species, including manta rays. If you are very lucky, you may have a chance to see one as it moves with power and grace, flying its way through the Pacific. Once in the water at Honolua, you are sure to see peacock groupers, yellow tang, milletseed butterflyfish, and the sand-creating parrotfish (they chomp off bits of coral and don’t digest it all). These animals are brilliantly colored and naturally long living; some reef fish can live until they are at least seventy years old! You will love these moments exploring their home on the West side of Maui.

If you want to see something amazing a bit further down the West coast, choose to explore Olowalu with our Maui kayak tours. Experience incomparable views of the West Maui (Kahalawai) Mountains from the ocean, and let the water hold you for your own personal, magical tour of this unique coral habitat. At times, manta rays can be seen as they cruise this region. The Olowalu reef system is fantastic, expansive, and full of life, and you’re bound to fall in love with it.

All of our Maui kayak tours are incredible, so no matter which one you experience, the time you take on the surface of the sea will stay in your heart forever. Please click below to gather more information, and we’ll sea you soon!


Kayak Maui on this Awesome Makena and Turtle Town Tour

You will have ample opportunities for snorkeling over colorful reefs with green sea turtles and a variety of marine life on this snorkeling adventure! Who know, maybe you'll even see a whale.