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The Lanai Ferries are at your service when you are ready to explore one of Maui’s gorgeous neighbor islands!

Another lovely island across from Maui is Lanai. The Lanai Ferry will take you to this island in comfort. Lanai is known as the Pineapple Isle, as at one time, most of the land was used to grow this crop. The pineapple industry has since moved, however, and Lanai has become a gorgeous tourist destination. Larry Ellison, the owner of most of the island since 2012, has plans to make the island into a model of sustainability. Here is where you’ll enjoy great golfing, snorkeling, and sunbathing. There is also a grand hotel on a hill, and you can take the shuttle up there for a drink. The two Lanai golf courses are magnificent and likely to challenge your skills. The coral reefs offshore are vibrant with life and just fantastic! Slip into the ocean for a close-up view. The Lanai Ferry can take you there and back again five times daily.

Step aboard the Lanai Ferries and step into another world! Look below for more details, and enjoy!