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Zip around the old pineapple island on one of these Lanai snorkeling tours.

Some of the most incredible sights you’ll see on your trip will be on our Lanai snorkeling tours. Cross the Auau Channel to the Pineapple Isle on an exciting rigid hulled raft or a smooth sailing catamaran. Many of the reefs surrounding this neighbor island are beautifully lively and active. There is a good chance you’ll encounter one of the pods of spinner dolphins. You’re in for an all-day treat on our Lanai snorkeling tours!

Do you yearn for adventure? If so, you will want to travel with our hard bottom rafts. Your captain will search for the best places to snorkel. Both of the raft tours we offer circle the entire island! The back side of Lanai is exposed to the open ocean. This natural dynamic has created a ton of sites to explore. Fantastic sea cliffs, oceanic caves, and pinnacles of rock abound! These land formations have attracted coral over the years. The coral reefs have attracted colorful fish. And the fish—all shades of the rainbow—have obviously attracted you! Look for the Hawaiian green sea turtle throughout your Lanai snorkeling tours. These honu come to the surface to breathe. They are a lovely sight, and will often pose for photographs.

There is no doubt you will work up an appetite on your thrilling raft tours. No problem! There is a continental breakfast in the morning, and a savory do-it-yourself deli lunch in the afternoon. Water, juices, and sodas are available throughout the day. You are taken care of in every way. The crew has all the snorkeling gear you’ll need, and they will take time to teach you how to use it. Pick their brains for local island knowledge, too. Your crew knows some amazing information about this archipelago!

If you prefer to sit back and relax, or you have small children, our sailing catamaran is the right speed for you and your family. This is the most comfortable of our Lanai snorkeling tours. Land on the island and snorkel in a marine protected area. Play volleyball on the beach. Lounge in the sun. If you like, you can upgrade your snorkeling to SNUBA. Since you are attached to an air system located above, SNUBA allows you to spend more time underwater. In addition to breakfast and lunch, this tour includes a sit down barbeque dinner! You and your fellow guests will eat a deliciously prepared meal high above the dazzling Manele Bay.

Are you excited about our Lanai snorkeling tours? We’ll make sure you have an outstanding time! See below or give us a call for more information!


Trilogy Excursions Lanai All Day Adventure

A trip like no other, Trilogy will take you on a sailing adventure to remember. Visit an exclusive snorkel destination, enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and discover Lanai all in one tour.
Staff Favorite

Quicksilver Lanai Snorkeling & Dolphin Encounters

Snorkel Lanai aboard Quicksilver! Water slide, jumping-off points, fresh water showers, water stairs and an incredible crew make for an unforgettable experience.

Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Tour

The 6 hour Lanai Snorkel trip and dolphin watch includes 2-3 snorkel stops on Lanai, we see them 90% of the time) and whale watching during whale migration season (Dec - April).